Truth be told, my actual power song today was Florence + The Machine’s “Cosmic Love”/their entire catalogue. However, in honor of my childhood best friend’s nuptials this Saturday, I am dedicating this post to her.

My bestie and I grew up down the street from each other and became pals around age 8. In elementary school we joined the same Girl Scouts troop and soon bonded over the girl power we so clearly possessed. As time went on we found our foundation of feminine strength and friendship would take us further than we could ever dream.

Living on the same street growing up was a huge deal because we could always go to each other’s house whenever we wanted all summer long and easily car pool as we got older. Even though we always went to the same schools it is the summer time memories that are the most special. No matter where we are or how long since we last saw each other, whenever I hear Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up The Sun” I think of it playing on my car radio driving around together surviving the suburbs of Florida in the summer.

So cheers to my oldest friend for finding an amazing guy who vows to love the amazing woman she is for the rest of his life. Having her in your life only gets better with time.