Bonus! Bonus! Ears of the world celebrate! Both Gloriana and Reel Big Fish release albums TODAY!

*exclamation points retire to your room*

One of my all time favorite bands, Reel Big Fish release their seventh album, Candy Coated Fury . I ask you, has any album title ever encapsulated the essence of a band’s sound quite like this? I think not. This album returns to the core of Reel Big Fish, angry words from a smiling face. Break up songs you want to dance to.

After twenty years as a band the RbF remain one of the greatest ska/punk bands both in the studio and on stage to the delight their still strong/still underground fanbase. I grew up with Aaron Barrett and company, tagging along to shows with my older sister and her friends as a middle schooler and now blasting their songs in rush hour traffic from work. Any rudy will agree, their latest tunes are not to be missed.


Dissimilarly, new country/pop group Gloriana is releasing their second album, A Thousand Miles Left Behind . The lead single, “(Kissed You) Goodnight” has just been certified Gold and is climbing the Hot 100 and Country charts. It will get stuck in your head. The trio has recovered from original member Cheyenne Kimball’s abrupt departure the group last year and delivers a more cohesive and personal album. Remaining members Rachel Reinert, Mike Gossin, and Tom Gossin had a hand in writing every song as opposed to just one on their debut; they have gained confidence and tell the story of their journey thus far. Hear about the thousand miles they left behind and support another thousand to come.